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    Management & Organization

    1. Is management accessible and responsive when needed?


    2. Are communication systems adequate? (Voicemail, Fax, E-mail)


    3. Are problems resolved to your satisfaction?



    4. Do we present a professional image?


    5. Did we understand and respond to your needs in a timely fashion?


    6. Was your request for a quotation responded to promptly?



    7. Was your product order delivered on time?


    8. Was the paperwork legible and accurate?


    9. Was the packaging adequate to prevent damage?



    10. Did the overall quality of the product meet your expectation?



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    12. How satisfied are you with the value received from your Jorgensen product?


    A. If you have future needs, would you purchase from Jorgensen again?


    B. If there were one or two areas you would like to see us improve, what would you suggest?


    C. What motivates you to do business with Jorgensen Conveyors?


    D. Relative to our competitors, what is our strong point?


    E. Relative to our competitors, what is our weak point?


    F. What are the key selection factors you use in selecting a conveyor or filtration supplier?


    G. Considering the key factors that you use in selecting a conveyor or filtration supplier, how would you rate Jorgensen Conveyors?


    H. From what other companies do you purchase conveyor or filtration products?


    I. How often does your Company plan to purchase more conveyor or filtration equipment?


    J. Are there any other products or services we don't currently supply that you would like to see us offer?


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