Vacuum Media Filters – Disposable Non-woven Media


Vacuum roll media filter systems remove composite or chip fines and grinding swarf to achieve coolant clarity of 20-25 microns or less. The perfect choice for the high coolant flow rates, over 200gpm, used in the aerospace industry.

  • Fabricated with  modular filter and tank components for a custom fit and filtration requirement
  • Low roll detection with automatic media advance
  • Optional controls for pumps and other auxiliary equipment, or to interface with machine tool control cabinets
  • Provides positive filtration in very difficult applications, with cast iron, steel, aluminum  and composite materials
  • Saves money by using deep filter cakes for efficient coolant use
  • Positive seal design used to eliminate fines migration 
  • Tank
    • Pumps / plumbing / coolant transfer 
    • High Pressure coolant system
    • Downstream filtration
    • Tramp oil skimmers
    • Coolant chillers / heat exchangers
  • Complete electronical / UVS Ecologic control
  • High loft paper media and material-specified pumps for composite applications
  • Coolant Filtration
  • Central Systems
Vacuum Media Coolant Flow2