Single and Dual Stage Filterveyor® - Permanent Media Filter

Filterveyors Single and Dual stage

Effectively combining primary chip removal and coolant filtration in metal cutting machine tool applications. These systems efficiently remove everything from large bushy stringers to small chips and small fines of steel, aluminum, brass and many other materials, to 50 microns nominal.

  • Single Stage Filterveyor®  design incorporates one drive and is used to filter broken and fine chips or swarf sludge.  (Uses a Drag Flight conveyor)
  • Dual Stage Filterveyor® design features dual drives and is used to filter bushy, stringy and high chip loads.  (Uses a primary metal belt and a secondary Drag Flight  conveyor)
  • 1.5” and 2.5” pitch sizes available, engineered to meet specifications for length and width to insure a proper fit
  • No disposable media to be replaced – environmentally friendly
  • Self-cleaning drum system for maintenance free operation, extended coolant life and less downtime  
  • Capable of providing filtration to multiple machines
  • High Pressure coolant system
  • Pumps / plumbing / coolant transfer
  • Secondary Filtration
  • Tramp oil skimmers
  • Coolant Chillers / heat exchangers
  • Complete electronics / controls
  • Machine Tool Coolant Filtration
  • Machine Tool Chip Removal
  • Machine tool Central System chip removal and coolant filtration
Filterveyor Application Chart2



  Click here to see how Single Stage Filterveyor® works

  Click here to see how Dual Stage Filterveyor® works

Filterveyor Coolant Flow Rate2
      Single Stage Filterveyor Drawing  
Single Stage Filterveyor® Drawing

     Dual Stage Filterveyor Drawing

Dual Stage Filterveyor® Drawing