Auger Conveyors / Screw Conveyors

Auger Conveyor - Screw Conveyor thumb

Auger Conveyors and Screw conveyors are designed for removal of small metal chips, fines, sludge and other bulk.

  • The auger conveyor’s low profile design makes it ideal for removal of small granular materials and metal chips where space is limited
  • Features a centerless screw design
  • Perforations can be incorporated  in the auger trough to allow liquid or fluid drainage
  • Engineered to meet specifications for length and width to insure a proper fit
  • Jorgensen is able to replace existing auger flight bars for most manufacturers’ conveyors
  • Solid Shaft  and Shaftless augers available
  • Can be integrated with hinged steel belt conveyor
  • Control options
  • Color choices available
  • Metal Chip Removal
  • Sludge Removal
  • Bulk Material Handling