Recommended Jorgensen Solutions - Chip Removal

Jorgensen offers the most comprehensive line up of engineered conveyor product solutions for your machine tool chip removal application! From small lathes and machining centers to large gantry mills, for individual machines or central systems serving groups of machines, we can design the right chip removal solution. We can build conveying systems to move chips hundreds of feet across whole plants to central collecting points. Our sales engineers will do a comprehensive assessment of your particular application taking into consideration the cutting process, chip geometry, chip volume, coolant flow rate, coolant type, machine and space fit-up constraints, etc. Systems can be designed turnkey to include the chip conveyor, coolant tank, in-tank screens and baskets, pump mounting plates, low pressure supply pumps, high pressure coolant systems, coolant make up systems, coolant chillers, tramp oil separation, sensors for coolant level, chip bin full, etc. Complete controls featuring relay logic or PLC logic as required.